2019 Show schedule

Gary Con, Lake Geneva WI - March 7-10

​Playthrough, Raleigh NC - March 30-31

LexiCon, Lexington KY April 5-7

RathaCon, Athens OH - April 27

​Origins, Columbus OH - June 12-16

CharCon, Charleston WV - 

​Gen Con, Indianapolis IN - August 1-4

​Gamehole, Madison WI - Oct 31.-Nov. 3

​Con on the Cob, OH - Oct. 3-5

Hrothgar's Hoard is dedicated to making high quality gaming accessories for tabletop games.​ Using both domestic and exotic hardwoods, Hrothgar's Hoard specializes in chests, dice towers, cases for miniatures and other accessories. Look for us at gaming conventions throughout the mid-west.

Making dryads homeless,

one chest at a time