Walnut heartwood ranges from light brown to a dark chocolate brown. Sapwood is pale to yellow or even nearly white. Walnut works easily, is relatively hard and glues and finishes well. This is a very "rich" looking wood.

Magical Properties: ​Black walnut is used in magics of telaportation, astral travel, weather working and powers of the wind.







curly maple



Hrothgar's Hoard uses both domestic and exotic woods in it's products. Learn a little about each type of wood below

Types of wood




There is something special about using real hardwoods when playing table-top games. In today's electronic age, it is all too common to see inexpensive, poorly made containers and accessories for miniatures, dice, and other gaming necessities. 

Hrothgar's Hoard strives to use high quality domestic and exotic hardwoods that will enhance the gaming experience. Solid wood construction is always used; no veneers or cheap substitutes are ever used. The timeless elegance of hardwoods will showcase your games like the treasure they are.  

Solid wood. Beautiful. timeless.

Poplar has a creamy-yellowish color, occasionally with dark streaks from minerals. It can also have a slight green cast to it. Poplar is an extremely light wood, not having the hardness of other hardwoods. Generally it is straight grained and has low natural luster. It works easily, but can sometimes leave fuzzy surfaces and edges.

Magical Properties: ​Poplar has a very diverse energy, allowing it to be an all-purpose wood for magical workings. The diversity of energy makes it useful for evocation as well as banishment rituals.

Bubinga ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. It is very dense and is generally stable. It is moderately difficult to work, but does not have a tendency to chip or splinter

Magical Properties: ​​Love, spirituality, healing, divination, intuition and insight.
Bubinga trees grow near rivers, streams and swamps.  
Besides the base properties, Bubinga is a good wood for 
overall general spell work as it has extremely positive energies.

Curly Maple is not a species of wood, but a description of the grain. It is so called because the ripples in the grain pattern create a three dimensional effect that appears as if the grain has “curled” along the length of the board. Other names for this phenomenon are: tiger maple, fiddleback maple, (in reference to curly maple’s historic use for the backs and sides of violins), or flamed maple.

Wenge's heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become nearly black. Wenge splinters fairly easily, but is otherwise easy to work

Magical Properties: ​Wenge draws from the elements of earth and water. It seeks a companion of strength and versatility. Wenge is most compatible with an owner who is in touch with nature. It is used for defense and protection and is excellent for dispelling dark magic

Zebrawood's heartwood is a light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. Depending on whether the wood is flatsawn or quartersawn, the stripes can be either chaotic and wavy (flatsawn), or somewhat uniform (quartersawn). Zebrawood is very stable and is moderately easy to work.

Magical Properties: ​​A neutral wood which draws from the element of earth. It can be used for healing and repelling spells and seeks an intelligent companion. Excellent for cleansing magic, good for divination and moon related magic.

Cedar is classified as a softwood since it comes from a conifer tree. It is light and soft and needs a little extra care lest dents and scratches can harm the wood. It is a combination of reddish or violet-brown mixed with pale yellow with streaks and stripes for the wood. It is commonly used in chests and has a very distinctive smell to it.

Magical Properties: ​Cedar cleanses negative atmospheres and is used for the creation of sacred spaces. It is often used to summon helpful spirits during rituals and invocations.

Cherry begins as a light pinkish brown when first sawn, but darkens to a medium reddish brown with time and exposure to light, It is relatively light for a hardwood and is easy to work with, although it tends to burn easily and frequently requires extra sanding.

​Magical Properties: Cherry is suited for use in hunting magic, working with animals and familiars as well as spells of detection and amplifying spell work.

When freshly cut, Purpleheart is a dull grey/purple in color. As it is exposed to UV light, it becomes more of an eggplant purple. Over time, the color will again change to a brownish-purple. Purpleheart is very hard and has a tendency to splinter when worked.

Magical Properties: ​Purpleheart is a spiritual wood, making it perfect for divination. It also enhances energy dealing with creativity and knowledge.

Bloodwood is a bright, vivid red which appeals to many people. It is straight grained, but frequently has tension in the wood. This tension can cause boards to warp or twist if humidity levels change rapidly. It is extremely dense and very difficult to work; frequently splintering or chipping while machining.

Magical Properties: ​​Bloodwood is a remarkable wood mainly for its ability to utilize elemental energies. The wood itself can channel and enhance the affect of all elemental energies, but the degree to which it can do so seems to depend upon the person utilizing the wood.

Padauk ranges in color from a pale pinkish-orange to a deep brownish red. It almost always has orange cast to it. It is relatively hard (harder than walnut) and easy to work.

Magical Properties: ​​A powerful yet chaotic wood, Padauk is not at all recommended for those new to The Craft. The energy of this wood is constantly changing, randomly fluctuating. It would, however, be an amazing wood for healing magic if one could learn to harness the chaotic energy within. In the hands of the inexperienced, it would likely do more harm than good.

Unlike most other woods, the sapwood is most commonly used rather than the heartwood. Sapwood has a white, creamy color while the heartwood is usually a darker, reddish-brown. Maple is extremely hard and durable. It has straight grain and can occasionally have curls, spalt, and other mineral streaks in it. Maple can be difficult to work because of its hardness.

​Magical Properties: Maple is used for spiritual healing. It is also known as the travellers wood and enhances intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge and communication.